Welcome to the world of JLOQ Solutions – Crafting Quality, Embracing Adventure

In the embrace of an active and adventurous family, my upbringing was a symphony of mountain climbs, Northwest backpacking, runs, basketball games, skateboard rides, and spirited bike polo matches in our local neighborhood. Fortunate to have a hands-on dad, our childhood memories are adorned with moments of him skillfully fixing our bikes and skateboards. A true artisan, my dad's talents extended to crafting his own tents, sleeping bags, clothing, and even running shoes, igniting in me a passion for tinkering.

As my adult journey unfolded in many directions, the flame of tinkering and refinement endured, leading to the birth of JLOQ Solutions. Our company is grounded in a simple principle – creating quality products that just make sense.

Nestled in charming Bend, Oregon, JLOQ Solutions collaborates with David Petrich, the Owner and Machinist of Machinable Innovations, to help bring our designs to life. As a proud Bend resident, it is important to me that our products bear the mark of local craftsmanship, utilizing materials and labor from our community. Our commitment is twofold – crafting quality goods and ensuring they resonate with the needs of our local residents and beyond.

As a fledgling company, we understand the importance of earning your trust. Rest assured, we are dedicated to this pursuit and work tirelessly to do so. Our website is a canvas in progress, continually updated with new releases and developments. We invite you to visit JLOQ.com regularly for the latest news or sign up for our newsletter below to get all the news delivered right to you, as we persist in creating products that seamlessly blend quality and practicality.

Thank you for being part of our journey and supporting JLOQ Solutions. Together, let's embark on a quest for quality and adventure.

- JLOQ Solutions